I, Joe S. Sausage, make sausages w/ flavor you can see, the sausages actually look and taste as good if not better than they look. Joe S. Sausage makes mild to spicy to very spicy sausages. Some of my sausages include: Classic Sweet Italian, North Valley Garlic Polish Sausage, Irish Bangers, Andouille, Spanish Xorizo, Spicy Southern Italian, Spicy Southern Italian w/ Green Chile, CrazyHott Italian Sausage, Jamaican Jerk Sausage, Garlic Habanero Hot Link, Curry Sausage, Lamb Sausage, Maple Bleuberry Sausage, Hungarian Kolbasz.

Fire up the grill with medium to low heat, about 300 degrees, set the sausage on the grill so that the heat indirectly cooks the sausage, the sausage should not be directly over the flame unless it is placed in the upper rack, close the grill top, let cook for 15 minutes, tease away from the grate, turn over, allow to cook for 15 more minutes and enjoy w/ friends, family, alone and a beverage of your choice.

Joe S. Sausage